Shahrokh (Seve) is admitted to practice law in New York and Massachusetts, before the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, and as a registered patent attorney before the United States Patent & Trademark Office in Washington.  He is an active member of the IP and patent bar in upstate New York. 

Seve has a technical background, namely completing a Ph.D. in Pharmacology at a top 5 research university in the UK under the tutelage of British Professor of Pharmacology, Alastair Poole.  He also completed a three year postdoctoral research fellowship as a Fellow in Medicine in one of the largest research laboratories at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel at the time, comprising 20+ postdoctoral Hematology clinical and research fellows from over a dozen countries, under the tutelage of the internationally renowned Professor of Hematology, Bruce Furie.  Seve's first author publications have been cited over 1900 times by subsequent papers, according to Google Scholar.

Since 2003, Seve has been working exclusively in the Intellectual Property law field.  This has included mostly work as a private practice IP attorney, but also as a full-time member of the Faculty at Albany Law School in upstate NY for four years, teaching IP law and Technology Entrepreneurship law-focused courses.  Seve's private practice experience includes ten years spent in the high-paced large IP law practice groups of two very large and well-known law firms (Jones Day's NYC office, and a large IP boutique law firm).  After leaving private practice for six months to help his parents manage his father's terminal illness and subsequent passing, Seve returned to NY and soon thereafter founded FALATI in 2014.

As a past elected President of the Eastern NY IP Law Association for four years, Seve and his Board of practicing IP lawyers organized monthly events for IP practitioners in either Albany or in White Plains, NY.  Many of his law students from Albany Law School attended such IP law focused invited speaker dinner functions, as well as CLE IP law luncheons with members of The Innovation & IP American Inn of Court.  For more info. on Seve's work with law students and his latest IP law focused academic publications, see: (2016-2020), here (2019), and here (2020); these latter two IP law focused papers published in two separate top 3 ranked national law journals for IP, one chosen as the lead article. Moreover, Seve's paper on novel approaches for teaching and assessing cross-cultural skills in law schools received publication offers in Spring, 2020, including from the Journal of Gender, Race & Justice, nationally ranked third for "Minority, Race & Ethnic Issues & Law", see published article here (2020).

Seve is engaged within his professional community, including with IP lawyers, technology Entrepreneurs in start-ups, executives, investors, commercialization offices of universities, as well as the law students he taught and mentored between 2016-2020 while serving as a full-time Faculty member and IP law Professor at Albany Law School.






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