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We provide our clients with opinions regarding issued patents and patent applications.  Depending on client's need, these opinions vary in type (for example, from validity, infringement, non-infringement, patentability, and clearance opinions) and in length and format (for example, from short documents to opinions including extensive and detailed analysis). 


Non-infringement Opinions
At FALATI, we help our clients seamlessly introduce new products by preparing non-infringement opinions.  That is, we have experience providing legal opinions to corporate clients on whether the client's existing or potential product or method is infringing on other third party held intellectual property.


Invalidity Opinions
If our client is faced with the specter of a competitor's potentially important patent being used against them, at FALATI, we research, analyze and prepare a comprehensive opinion for clients seeking to determine the strength of a competitor's patent, whether it is valid and would stand up in court, if challenged.


Patentability Opinions
Before starting to draft a patent application for clients, we offer a patentability opinion.  The size and format of such an opinion can vary, depending on the client's need.  Typically, for clients seeking to know whether a new product or process is patentable, a patentabilty opinion can be a useful tool.


Clearance (Freedom To Operate) Opinions
Before a new product or process is to be introduced into the market, clients typically wish to have a Freedom To Operate (or Clearance) opinion to see if third party patents may be a concern.  This opinion may also be useful in the damages determinations in the event a client is sued for patent infringement. 



If you wish to obtain a Legal Opinion where Intellectual Property is at issue, please contact us at

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