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The attorneys at FALATI are experienced in working closely with universities, including representing researchers at over a dozen of the top Universities worldwide.  Consequently, we know and understand the key issues facing these higher education research organizations.  For example, we appreciate that cost is an important issue for our university clients; we work hard to provide high quality patent applications, while keeping costs to a minimum and highly competitive.


To clients, including Technology Transfer Offices of Universities, we offer patent prosecution services such as: 


  • Drafting and prosecuting chemical, biotechnology, mechanical and electrical patent applications

  • Patentability search and written legal opinions

  • Developing strategies to maximize the value of a client's patent portfolio

  • Assisting clients in identifying and prioritizing patentable inventions

  • Conducting strategic prosecution in support of litigation

  • Counseling on complex procedural and legal issues

  • Establishing procedures to protect IP capital


Additional ancillary services to Universities include aiming to raise awareness of IP issues amongst university researchers, students and staff. 


Our attorneys travel and give seminars and provide IP clinics and workshops.  Such strategies are useful to university clients because they help identify potential IP capital at an early stage, and reduce the risk that inventions might be made public before any IP protection is sought.

Please contact us at or call us at 518-4-FALATI (518-432-5284) for more information.

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