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Once a patent is obtained, it is possible to stop competitors from practicing the patented technology.  When a potential infringer is identified and at the client's request, our patent attorneys send "cease and desist" letters to give the infringing party formal notice of their infringing activities and demand that they stop.  


Similar to a patent, once a trademark registration is obtained, it is possible to stop others from using confusingly similar names.  Our attorneys can draft and send a "cease and desist" letter to the party using the confusingly similar name and demand that they stop such use.    


After a cease and desist letter is sent, our attorneys attempt to negotiate a resolution of the matter without resorting to litigation.  If a client receives such a letter, the firm also assists clients in responding to such letters from attorneys of a third party.


Based on our experience, reliability, and technical and legal knowledge, clients also partner with our experienced attorneys to assist in a litigation support or dispute resolution capacity.  Clients include general practice law firms, lawyers not practicing IP law, patent litigators, or individuals.  We assist analyze patent infringement issues, review motions and briefs, develop arguments and facilitate litigation strategy.  


At FALATI, our attorneys' extensive experience with patent law and practice can provide value to matters in which there is an out of court dispute or a litigation in court.


If you seek our assistance in this regard, please call us at 518 432 5284 or contact us at


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