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FALATI Management Consulting Group (FMCG) helps organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement.  In particular, we provide business strategy and implementation services to clients who are in need of non-traditional IP-related services.    


The need for our services typically arises from clients' desire to grow or optimize their business, or our FALATI Management Consulting Group is engaged when there are triggering events such as mergers, acquisitions, litigation, and corporate distress.


Members of FMCG work with management of organizations to help create a competitive advantage for our clients.  Our services are available to our clients from all over the world and include:



  • Identifying High Impact Economic Trends & Opportunities;

  • Analysis of Economic Opportunities in Emerging Markets;

  • Assessment and Implementation of Innovation Within An Organization;

  • Competition Analysis;

  • Intellectual Property Valuation;

  • Assessment of the Efficiency of Existing Protocols & Recommendations;

  • Refining Corporate Strategy & Asset Management;

  • Strategic Intellectual Property Portfolio Planning & Management;

  • Intellectual Property Monetization;

  • Royalty Rate Determination;

  • Intellectual Property Landscape Analysis Studies;

  • Damages & Profit Loss Assessments; and 

  • Case Specific Consulting on Particular Issues Facing Managers of a Business.



If you seek the assistance of FALATI Management Consulting Group, please call us at 518 432 5284 or contact us at


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