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The world of technology is fast paced.  Technologies are sold, licensed, or tied to investment opportunities.  As such, it is ever so important to be confident of the transaction one is entering into, especially where the transaction involves patented or to be patented technologies.  Timely delivered, detailed and thoughtful analysis can be crucial for profitable investment and strategic alliance decisions.  


Our attorneys have experience in representing clients (typically venture capital and investment firms) in performing due diligence investigations of a third party's intellectual property portfolio prior to significant investment in target companies.  For example, one of our attorneys was recently involved in a due diligence investigation of a target company, where the client was poised to invest an eight figure investment in the target company.   


Our due diligence reports are tailored to increase the chances of success of your business decisions.  Our attorneys have experience being part of significant deals, providing due diligence reports to clients before deals are consummated.  


We can also help you better determine the value of your own IP assets, uncover potential problems that can affect the value or fate of your deal, and counsel you with strategic options for achieving your goals.  


There are many aspects to a Due Diligence report.  We tailor the due diligence process to fit your needs and the type and size of the transaction.


If you are interested to engage us assist you in a Due Diligence or have general questions regarding the scope and nature of the process, please contact us by phone or at

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