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The key for an individual inventor or a group of inventors who have yet to start a company is to start a company and to develop a patent portfolio.  This will greatly increase the likelihood of obtaining financial funding to further develop the idea and business.  Our attorneys assist inventor(s) achieve both these goals.  Our experienced attorneys counsel on Patent Prosecution and Portfolio Development, and related Opinion services.  As we develop the portfolio with the client, we are able to provide other services if necessary, including Management Consulting and Commercialization related services, and services related to Transactions, Licensing & Technology Transfer agreements, and Patent Litigation.


On occasion, if the inventor already owns a patent and wishes to assert his/her right against infringers but has no financial means to cover legal fees, we offer all our services on a contingent fee basis.


If you are an inventor or a team of inventors seeking to work with our attorneys to develop your business and patent portfolio, please feel free to contact us. Please do not send any detailed information to us right up front because our firm does not represent you and we maybe representing parties adverse to you.  There is a procedure to follow, which we will explain should you contact us with a view of retaining our attorneys to assist you.  

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