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At FALATI, our experienced attorneys and professional staff are well-positioned to help venture capital firms establish and grow portfolios.  We have experience in representing companies in varying industries in emerging and established markets. 


We bring this technical and legal experience to bare in our representation of venture capital firms.  For such clients, we typically conduct due diligence investigations into target investments and advise on which IP assets are likely to deliver high returns with lower likelihood of competitor challenges. 


We also help venture capital firms mitigate risk by counseling their portfolio companies on strategies for strong patent portfolio development and on how to get around potentially problematic third-party patents.  In addition, we assist on all facets of IP, including matters related to trademark and brand name protection strategies and in licensing and technology transfer agreements.


We recently represented a venture capital company in a large 8 figure U.S. dollar investment in a medium-sized technology company.  Our representation included access to senior management at the target company and their books, culminating in us providing our Venture Capital client with a detailed Due Diligence of the key IP portfolios of the company targeted for investment. 


If you are in investor and wish to work with our firm, please contact our Managing Partner, Dr. Seve Falati.

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