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NEW COMPANIES (Small Technology-Driven Companies)


It is generally important for a small company operating in the technology marketplace to develop a patent portfolio, enabling it to pin down a foothold in that sector and to secure additional funding.  


Our attorneys at FALATI work with entrepreneurs and counsel on Patent Prosecution and Portfolio Development, and related Legal Opinion services such as Non-Infringement, invalidity and/or Freedom to Operate clearance opinions.  As we carefully develop and mature your national / international Intellectual Property portfolio, we are able to provide a full range of other services as and when required (see Services), including the necessary Agreements/Contracts that your new business will need, Management Consulting and Commercialization related services, and services related to Transactions, Licensing & Technology Transfer agreements.  Lastly, we have active patent litigation experience, and have represented certain new companies on litigation matters in Federal Court.


Lastly, to resonate with the cutting edge entrepreneurs we represent, unlike many of our peers, we are not adverse to taking on significant risk as a law firm by accepting enagements based on full contingency for a patent litigation case involving certain patents.


If you are involved in managment of a start-up or new company and you seek Intellectual Property law related services, please contact us.

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